About Us

Morena was launched to offer timeless and high-quality pieces that represent diversity, strength, and power. Seeking to provide aspirational handcrafted footwear and ultimately apparel & accessories, Morena has established itself as an industry innovator in the Middle East. Morena is derived from cultural roots but represents every woman. Defined as “brunette” in Portuguese & Italian, Morena pulls from its core strength & history and reimagines fashion for the modern woman whilst staying true to its values.

From its inception, Morena has strived to practice and implement various sustainable approaches as a brand. By utilizing local artisans to reducing waste and chemical by-products, Morena aims to both give back to the community as well as keep our earth and environment a safe and better place.

Designer Bios


Born in Egypt but raised between Cairo and Dubai, Omar has been exposed to different lifestyles and backgrounds from an early age. Having then completed his studies in the USA, Omar graduated from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree as well as two law degrees. Although he hails from a family of lawyers, Omar channels his creativity into design and utilizes his strong educational background in every aspect of Morena. Omar’s aesthetic is an ode to timelessness and classics, but with a twist. Elevated basics are the core of Omar’s style and this balances out Youssef’s more ritzy approach.


Having grown up in America, Youssef and his family always made sure to maintain their Egyptian roots by frequently traveling to Egypt. Youssef received a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the City University of New York, with core studies completed in Dubai at AUD. Youssef has a long history in fashion, starting from childhood as his family-owned menswear stores across the United States. Once graduated, Youssef maintained a prosperous career having worked for internationally acclaimed brands such as Giorgio Armani, Bergdorf Goodman, and Chanel as both a stylist and fashion buyer. Youssef’s style is much flashier and is meant to stand out from the crowd. Embellishments, innovative fabrics, and creative designs pair perfectly with Omar’s refined approach to produce a luxurious product.